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DIY Curtain Rod – How To Make A Long Curtain Rod For Less Than $10

After making / diy’ing my Custom Pinch Pleat Curtains, I also wanted a new curtain rod.I knew I could figure a way to make a curtain rod myself without having to buy a new one.  So I started searching some of my favorite DIY sights and found this at House of It provides a detailed account… Continue reading DIY Curtain Rod – How To Make A Long Curtain Rod For Less Than $10

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DIY Wrapping Paper

Our homemade, or better yet, “Child Made” wrapping paper looks a little bit like modern art – freeform shapes and lines that intersect in beautiful disarray! It looks a little bit like our Child Made Thank You Cards except we only used red white and green paint for this art project. It is a fun… Continue reading DIY Wrapping Paper

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Travel Chalkboard Placemat

 Roll it open to color or eat:Roll it closed to travel:Did you know that they make chalkboard fabric?!  How cool is that?!  I have so many ideas for it (a table runner so that you can “name” all the dishes set out on your table, placemats with people’s name’s written on them for assigned seating,… Continue reading Travel Chalkboard Placemat

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Valentine Pillow Tutorial – diy

This tutorial could work for any season.  I will link the XOXO template that I made for you to download, but you could easily make your own template (maybe a reindeer for Christmas or a shamrock for St Patty’s Day?). I used a pillow form bought at IKEA.  We already had it and it wasn’t… Continue reading Valentine Pillow Tutorial – diy

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Sewing A Cinderella Dress – A Tutorial

This post includes the details that can turn a regular dress pattern into a Cinderella Princess Dress.  You could easily add them to almost any dress pattern in your child’s size. For more detailed photos of the finished dress see this previous post. Piping Down The Center Of The Bodice: When cutting the fabric for… Continue reading Sewing A Cinderella Dress – A Tutorial

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Princess Play Clothes – Snow White

Princesses have play clothes too, right?  Since Eliana is completely enamored with princesses right now and requests to wear a princess dress every day I decided to make some princess play clothes for times when we are at the zoo, the playground and for our upcoming trip to Disney.  This way she can still attempt to climb,… Continue reading Princess Play Clothes – Snow White